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Class 2


Art & Crafts

As a reward for achieving 4000 points on Dojo, class 2 had their ‘Art & Crafts’ morning. We chose our favourite Ancient Greek mythical creature and had a choice of a wide range of different art materials, such as paint, oil pastels and collaging using tissue paper or newspaper. The end results look fantastic and we are looking forward to putting them up as part of our ‘Greek Myths and Legends’ display in class!

Photos coming soon...


STEM Challenge

As a reward for achieving another milestone (5000 points) with our class Dojo points we all took part in a STEM challenge. Each group had identical resources to engineer the tallest tower. It was quite the challenge and we were continuously having to evaluate our methods and adapt these! The tallest tower was whopping 138cm – we think we can beat this when we are given this challenge again as we have thought of better ways to make our towers stronger and more stable!



STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. The trail gave us an understanding of how STEAM subjects are part of our daily lives and how they are represented within the organisations that are located on the Westlakes Science Park. This was a fun and interactive trail that was great fun to follow. Thankyou to BEC and Sellafield Ltd for a fantastic morning.


Greek Pottery

As part of our topic about Ancient Greece we have been learning about Ancient Greek art work. We have created some Greek pots using a coil pot technique and we have decorated them in the style of Greek Olympic pottery that depict images from the ancient Olympic Games.


Wheelchair Basketball

It was great to welcome Matt back into school today to lead another exciting wheelchair basketball session. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you Matt; you are a world champion and a fantastic inspiration to us all.

We are already looking forward to your next visit.


30th January 2020

As a class, we finished writing our own set of instructions on ‘How to Capture and Release an Ice Dragon’, using the 'How to Trap a Stone Giant' Talk4Writing text as a structure. We really enjoyed coming up with lots of ideas and are very proud of our final draft! Let's hope we never need to follow these instructions...


Bake-Off Challenge

This morning the children had a Bake Off style 'technical bake'. Each group was given a recipe to follow and they just had to get on with it! They all did brilliantly.


The Great Fire of Waberthwaite

Have a look at the Forest School page of the website to see what we've been up to!

16th September 2019

Forest School

What a great start to the week we had in class 2 with our adventure to the Forest! On our way down we had a seed hunt, linked to our science lesson on Monday, where we had to think about how the seeds would be dispersed by wind, animals, water or drop/explosion.

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to have a bit of quiet time where we reflected on what we think makes the world wonderful. From this we made some fantastic pictures using natural materials – the teachers had to check whether we had brought the felt tip pens because of some of the colours we created!

A trip to the Forest is not complete without some games and what fun we had!

10th September 2019

London's Burning


Take a look at the John Muir Page to see what we've been up to!

 29th March 2019

Working Scientifically

This afternoon, we used magnifying glasses to make careful observations of a range of different rocks, such as limestone and chalk, and drew detailed, oil pastel observations of these with labels and descriptions. We had to think about the appearance, texture and colour of each rock in our descriptions.

29th March 2019

This morning in RE, we explored the ‘big story’ of the Bible, using the poster in the hall and having discussions as to where we felt the concepts ‘Creation’, ‘Fall’, ‘Incarnation’ and ‘Gospel’ were represented. There were some fantastic ideas shared and we needed very little help from Miss Ross! We then went back to class and started drawing our own pictures to represent these four concepts.

25th March 2019

For more photographs of today's Forest School please see the Forest School page!

19th March 2019

Irton Church

 We had a fantastic time today at Irton Church and found out so much! We learnt about the different parts of the church and the history of the architecture.

Did you know that some of the windows were designed and made in William Morris' studio?

After that one of the bell ringers told us all about the different bells and we even got a chance to ring them...which was trickier than it looked!

Reverend Hart then talked us through the service that takes place when someone is being baptised. We found out that the water represents the Father, the oil represents the Holy Spirit and the candle represents the Son - the holy trinity.

To end the morning, we walked around the outside of the church and saw one of the oldest relics on site - the Celtic cross.

What a beautifully interesting church to have right on our doorstep!

8th March 2019

On Tuesday we wrote some fantastic poems in our writing groups, using the poem 'If You Should Meet A Crocodile' as inspiration! We then drew text maps and came up with actions, which we then shared with the rest of the class...

7th March 2019

What a wonderful effort everyone put into their World Book Day outfits today...

12th February 2019

Today we taught our friends in year 1 how to use the computer programme 'Scratch'. They worked very hard and we look forward to what they will be able to create!

11th February 2019

In RE, we have been exploring the ‘trinity’ in Christianity. We were given the headings ‘Father’, ‘Son’ and ‘Holy Spirit’ as well as lots of describing words. We then decided whether the words were describing the ‘Father’, the ‘Son’ or the ‘Holy Spirit’; some words were quiet tricky and we had to use a dictionary to find out the meanings.

We had some fantastic discussions in our small groups as to where we thought the words should be placed, and then shared these with the class. We made sure we were respectful and justified our ideas by reflecting on their own beliefs as well as relating it to stories from the Bible.

4th February 2019

We have started reading a poem every day in class 2.

After reading 'Bump!' by Spike Milligan, we decided to learn it off by heart and even came up with a few actions...

22nd January 2019

This morning, we have been very busy learning a persuasive text called 'Hawk Ridge Farm Park'. We almost know it off by heart...

17th January 2019

LLW Repository and NSG kindly invited us to the site at Drigg which is really important to our local community. We had a very fun morning learning about how low level waste is stored and disposed of safely. 
We took part in a practical activity which showed the children the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of and store the waste. 
We talked about the different roles of work carried out on site and we got to try on some of the PPE safety wear the staff have to wear whilst working to ensure their safety, the children all agreed it was very tricky with all those layers on! 
We were very surprised with the size of the site and all the different types of jobs needed to make this site work everyday. 
It was great to meet everybody who we will be working closely with for our Bright Stars project.

9th November 2018

The children have been researching war veterans from our local area, using information they got from their trip to Millom discovery centre and various websites. 

They have created some beautiful fact files, and we have put some below for you to see. 

9th November 2018

Lest we forget

On Monday 5th November we visited the Discovery Centre in Millom. We were asked to research some of the soldiers whose names appeared on the war memorial. This inspired us to research the names on the Waberthwaite War Memorial that is just outside school. We then shared the information that we found with the Community and Royal British Legion at the Remembrance Day Service.


To hear what we found out about the Soldiers from Waberthwaite please watch the videos below.

19th September 2018


 We had a fantastic session with Mrs Kenyan, where we were able to test out our new instruments for the first time!

18th September 2018


 Today we started our Kidsafe sessions and look forward to finding out more about how to keep safe. We are all very excited to see KS again!

Friday 13th July 

Bastille Day 2018

Together with class 3 , we celebrated Bastille Day in School today. Mrs Martin organised a number of activities with a French theme. We built the Eiffel Tower using newspaper, created paintings in the style of Monet and practised French singing.


What is Bastille Day and why is it celebrated?

The French National Day is the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, a turning point of the French Revolution, as well as the Fête de la Fédération which celebrated the unity of the French people on 14 July 1790. Celebrations are held throughout France.

6th July 2018


 Class 2 have worked exceptionally hard and have earned their 4th treat on our class rewards. Mrs J very kindly baked bumble bee cakes with us, which classes 2 and 3 then had as their pudding at lunch time. Take a look below and see how yummy they look...

2nd July 2018

Transition Day #2

 Another fantastic transition day with the year 1s, joining us as year 2s! We had lots of fun swimming and playing rounders in the morning, followed by drawing self-portraits and decorating plant pots for the Waberthwaite Horticultural Show in the afternoon.

2nd July 2018

Take a look below at some of class 2 learning to dive this morning...

29th June 2018

As part of 'Road Safety Day', we designed t-shirts and helmets that promote road safety and the charity 'Brake'. Take a look at them below...

29th June 2018

Our Bee Sanctuary

  Class 2 are very impressed with our bee sanctuary! The seeds we planted have grown into beautiful, flowering plants! We are looking forward to seeing lots of bees and other insects enjoying our sanctuary in the future!

29th June 2018

Road Safety Day

 We have learnt lots today about keeping safe on roads, from being a pedestrian to being in a vehicle. We really enjoyed completing our vehicle survey and everyone was very opinionated about how safe people were driving.

28th June 2018

Big thank you to the year 5s who spent part of their afternoon teaching some of class 2 how to crochet! We might need your expertise again some time soon!

18th June 2018

Transition Day

What a fantastic day we all day! It was lovely getting to know our new classmates for September. They all fit right in and had lots of fun swimming and playing rounders. We are looking forward to the next transition day in a couple of weeks!

15th June 2018

Class 2 are very proud of their tomato plants and salsa recipes, and would like to say...

11th June 2018


Here are some photos from our second visit to St Bees school swimming pool. We work hard but we can see our swimming is improving!

24 May 2018

After the fiddly job of making our beads out of clay, we then had an even fiddlier job to do when stringing our stone age necklaces together...

17th May 2018

Stone Age Jewellery

 This afternoon we were busy making stone age inspired jewellery out of clay. You can tell by our faces that it was a fiddly job to do!

15th May 2018

Class 2 have been busy bees today in our garden! They tried on bee keeper outfits as well as creating bees from small pine cones and stones to decorate our garden.

8th-9th May 2018

Hinning House Residential


 What a fantastic time we all had at Hinning House! On the first day the weather was a bit miserable but we didn't let that dampen our spirits...even though we all got soaking wet! The next day we went ghyll scrambling and got even wetter than the first day. Take a look at some of the photos below to see how much fun we had...

27th April 2018

Great Work Class 2!


In our class we have a rewards system where great work or achievements are celebrated by the individual or group of children putting a marble in the bottle.


This week, as a team we reached the Pyjamas and Teddy bear day. Everyone came to school in their PJ's and we brought our favourite teddies in. It was great fun and our teddies were very good students; they learned lots of new skills and were able to see what brilliant work we do!


 Well done Class 2! When we reach the next level we will enjoy some time baking!

27th April 2018


This week in Science we have been heating and cooling different materials to see if they change state.

22nd March 2018

Islam Workshop


We had a fantastic workshop with Imran, who came to tell us all about Islam. We learnt a huge amount and had a lot of fun with him. Thank you!

Fun in the Snow

Do you want to build a snowman? ? On Wednesday 6th February we were extremely lucky to have snow fall and settle during our extended morning break. We had lots of fun in the snow and recapped on our previous knowledge about the water cycle and how snowflakes are formed! Hands on science!

 12th January 2018

We have been learning about Haiku poems this week and decided to write a class haiku about summer...



The scorching, bright sun.

Swimming, playing at the beach.

Cold, creamy ice cream.


13th December 2017

Gingerbread Men

 We were all so excited to make gingerbread men! We got a little messy in the process but agreed that was part of the fun! The smell of the gingerbread men drifted throughout the whole school...everyone said they smelt amazing!

19th October 2017

Volcano Art Gallery

19th October 2017

We all really enjoyed creating volcano art work!

We used lots of different techniques to get different effects; our favourite was flicking and splattering the paint, which got very messy!

Our 'Volcano Art Gallery' is coming soon but is currently drying!

11th October 2017

Class 2 had a fantastic time learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes with Steven this morning! He shared some video clips and photos he had personally taken before exploring different rocks he had collected - including volcanic rocks!

It was lots of fun when we created our own volcanoes and also very messy!

6th October 2017

After hearing about our science topic about seed dispersal, Miss Ward saved the flower head of one of our school sunflowers, which was full of seeds!We are very much look forward to planting these in our garden in spring!

Thank you Miss Ward!

2nd October 2017

We are all really enjoying science this year and have just finished our first science topic where we explored seed dispersal. Look at how much fun we had on our seed hunt and exploring different types of seeds...

26th September 2017

Relax Kids

Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed their first 'Relax Kids' session with Jude. We learnt lots of ways to make ourselves relaxed if we feel stressed.

22nd September 2017

Thank you for letting us come in the share books with you Class 2 - we hope that we can come and do it again soon!

From Class 3

18th September 2017

We were all very shocked when we arrived at school today and could not enter our classroom until after assembly! We didn't know what had happened! After searching the classroom for clues to what had happened and discovering CCTV footage, we realised it had been an earthquake!

14th September 2017

Westmorland Show

 What a fantastic time we had at Westmorland Show! We saw lots and lots, the sun was shining, and we were even lucky enough to see Prince Charles!


Waberthwaite Hounds Visit

Class 2 have been excited all week to visit the hounds and especially the hound puppies!

A big thank you to Blackcombe District Kennels who planned a brilliant afternoon for us! When we got there we had to judge four beagles, using what we had been taught about what makes a good beagle. After that we got to see the hound puppies, which we had been most excited to see, and they did not disappoint!



 Class 2 have been learning a new art technique called Pointillism or 'Dotty Art' as Mrs Isherwood called it!


Dogs Trust Visit

Class 2 had a wonderful visit from the Dogs Trust today. We learnt how to be safe around dogs and all the hard work that Dogs Trust do!

Dan the dog had us all laughing when he decided to sit in Miss Ross' chair!


Class 2 Go to the Zoo

Everyone had a great time at Dalton Zoo and the sun decided to shine!

We were able to have a close up encounter with some of the animals, including feeding them! A great end to our 'Animals and their Habitats' topic.


Our Residential

We had a fantastic time on our residential to Hinning House! Take a look at the exciting things we did...


Class 2's Easter Performance

 At the beginning of the week, Class 2 wrote a wonderful poem about Easter and made up actions to go with it.

At our Easter Afternoon, they did a great job performing it for everyone who came to join us!



Easter Afternoon

A huge well done to everyone who entered our Egg Decorating Competition!

They all looked fantastic and it was obvious a massive amount of effort had been put into them!


Comic Relief Coffee Morning

What a fantastic, as well as busy, morning! A massive thank you to everyone who brought in items for the Bric-a-Brac stall and cake stall, as well as to everyone that joined us this morning! It was hugely appreciated and made it a BIG success!


Well done to class 2 who worked extremely hard and thoroughly enjoyed the coffee morning. It gave them a chance to practise working with money and change, which most agreed was their favourite part of the morning!


Our grand total for the coffee morning was an incredible £277.55!


World Book Day 2017

Everyone has made such a huge effort to dress up as their favourite book character! We have had a super day with book related competitions, and even a trip to the Beggar's Theatre to watch 'Jason and the Golden Fleece'.


Pancake Day 2017

"On Tuesday Class 2 made yummy pancakes! We learnt how to make pancakes which was very interesting." - Lucy


"First we put one egg, flour, oil and milk into the bowl and mixed it until it wasn't lumpy. Next we put the pancake mixture in the pan on the cooker. Then we flipped the pancake and ate it." - Annie


"The pancakes were very yummy." - Reuben


Mythical Creatures Presentation

We worked really hard in groups to produce an information poster about a mythical creature. First we had to research the mythical creature using our knowledge of how to use information books. We then planned our poster, wrote it up neat and presented it to the class! As you can see from the photographs, they are excellent!


Wes Magee

What a fantastic afternoon we had with the author, Wes Magee! We learnt some of his poems (including actions!) and, as a class, we wrote a wonderful poem about Bootle Beach!

Wes Magee was very impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work that everyone put into their writing!


Collage with Class 1

Class 2 had a wonderful time with class 1 this afternoon! Class 1 produced some fantastic collages of dinosaurs, while class 2 produced collages of their very own mythical creature! Thank you for a super afternoon class 1!



Storytelling with Class 1

Class 1 would like to thank Class 2 for joining us this afternoon to help us develop our storytelling techniques, there are some photographs on our page. Among other things we have learnt how to be funny like Luke, how to speak clearly and confidently like Eve, how to introduce stories like Lucy and how to add expression to our vocabulary like Darcy! You were all fantastic, so a big thank you!

Miss Sharp


Gingerbread Biscuits

Class 2 were extremely excited about baking gingerbread biscuits! They all did a super job of decorating them!


Willow Weaving

We had a brilliant time learning how to willow weave today! It was a little bit tricky but we all got the hang of it and made some wonderful items.


Christmas Crafts

In the last couple of weeks, class 2 have being doing different Christmas crafts, including sewing gingerbread men decorations and decoupaging wooden Christmas trees. We are sure they will make a fantastic addition to the decorations up at home.


Muncaster Castle

We all had such a great time at Muncaster Castle!

We enjoyed searching for fairies, learning about the Victorian Christmas and visiting the 'Birds of Prey'. We were even lucky enough to have a visit from Father Christmas at his busiest time of year!



We have been learning all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. In the photos below, we are cooking Chapati and then enjoying eating them afterwards!


Our Plant Experiment

In class 2, we have been investigating the conditions plants need to grow well.

At the beginning of our experiment we planned and predicted what would happen to our group's plant. We then set up our experiment and have been collecting observations all week.

So far we have not come to any conclusions but hope to do so in the following week!


Remembrance 2016

Class 2 put a huge amount of effort into producing some thoughtful acrostic poems about Remembrance Day, which have been made into a beautiful display...


The Gunpowder Plot

We have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot this week!

We enjoyed drawing fireworks and making edible sparklers this afternoon - eating these made it all the more fun!


The Great Fire of London

Class 2 have created some wonderful silhouettes of the Great Fire of London using oil pastels. Take a look below...

Class 2 children have worked extremely hard at home, creating houses from 1666 for their topic homework! Everyone at school is very proud of all your effort!

Autumn Math

Class 2 have been working very hard this week in maths, learning about time and direction!


We had great fun searching for different materials and their uses in the school grounds!

Visit from the Storyteller

Class 2 had a brilliant time with the storyteller! We designed a front cover for our book, and produced some fantastic pieces of writing! Take a look below...