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Class 3

Have a look on the 'Curriculum Overview' page to see our timetable, and also an overview of the topics we will be covering this term.


Week 13 of our home schooling adventure - it's been great to see you all this week!

3rd July 2020

Week 12 of our home schooling adventure - and it's great to see most of you in school part time this week!


Week 11 of our home schooling adventure - it's sports week and it's great to see even more children back in school!! Yippee!!


Week 10 of our home school adventure - it's all about under the sea this week and some of us are returning to school!


Week 9 of our home schooling adventure - and this week it's all about celebrations!


Week 8 of our home schooling adventure - and this week it's all about FOOD!!!


Week 7 of our home schooling adventure - and we've made it to half term!


Week 6 of our home schooling adventure - and still working and playing as hard as ever! 


Week 5 of our home schooling adventure - please look at the School News page for pictures of our V E Day artwork.


Week 4 of our home schooling adventure- and we're so proud of you all!


Week 3 of our home schooling adventure - and the sun's still shining!


Week 2 of our home schooling adventure - everyone's doing brilliantly!!


Week 1 of our home schooling adventure!


Take a look at the 'Waberthwaite as a Church School' section of the website, under the 'About Us' tab, to see what we have been up to for Ash Wednesday - we have been very busy!


Online Safety

This morning the Class 3 pupils have been discussing and researching internet safety. We are now creating PowerPoints about how to stay safe on the internet. Our PowerPoints will include how we can help ourselves to stay safe and what our parents can do to help us stay safe. We have learnt about age restrictions on social media sites and advise that is available on age appropriate screen time. One main thing we have discussed is making sure that we communicate well with our parents about our internet use and allow them to control what we have access to on the internet.


Outdoor Maths

This morning we have been working outside measuring the perimeter of the playground before coming back into the classroom to measure the perimeter of smaller shapes


In science this afternoon we are investigating the properties of some materials.


Author workshops with Ruth Sutton

We have had a visit from Ruth Sutton, a local author, today who has been talking to us about how she goes about writing a novel and where her ideas come from. She has spent time working with the children on forming their own ideas for a longer story, with a focus on setting and character. Mrs Sutton will return next week and work with the class on creating a plot for their story. She has also very kindly given each of the children a writer's notebook to jot all of their ideas in between now and then. Thank you Mrs Sutton!


Gingerbread Houses

After weeks of planning, designing, making cardboard prototypes, evaluating, tweaking, baking and decorating our gingerbread houses are finished!! Well done everyone they look amazing!


Senhouse Roman Museum

To compliment our current Roman topic the class 3 pupils enjoyed a very informative trip to the Senhouse Roman Museum in Maryport. They learnt about Roman Maryport, studied fascinating Roman artifacts, discovered how to choose a cavalry horse and all about Roman cavalry soldiers before having a go at creating Roman frescoes.


React Science Show

We all had a great time at the React Science show on Friday - learning all about Space from staff from the London Science Museum.


Entertaining you Reader

 Class 3 have been working hard on their writing and really thinking about their reasons for writing and entertaining their reader. We thought we would showcase just a few pieces that have been produced this week. Enjoy!

The Unknown Beast of Indonesia

There are many tales of the Unknown Beast of Indonesia. Even though they are all different, each one describes it's appearance in a similar way: the head of a panther, the body as well as legs of a dragoin, the tail and wings of a golden eagle and the fangs of a Basalisk. The Beast is most of ten found living in the dense forests, hunting mainly smaller predators. It's yellowing, full of venom fangs also have a second use (apart form stinking out the forest as unfortunately they can't brush their teeth) making the sound of a chicken. This extremely unusual method of hunting works by snapping it's powerful, furry black jaws in places causing the illusion of a chicken. This causes other predators to come and so it's like ordering a pizza. A very meaty pizza. It's muscular, feathery wings mean it can soar above the horizon. They also talk chickenese, not parthenise or parseltoung (snake language). Anyway, basically if you want to go looking for one your out of your mind.

by Eve



Our Science topic this half term is Forces. We have been thinking about we already know about them and how they affect us in our everyday life. We have started to think about gravity and had great fun with a balloon and trying to exert a greater force than gravity onto the balloon to keep it in the air! We only had a straw to do this and we were not allowed to touch the balloon. It was great fun! We started to talk about Sir Isaac Newton too. We will continue with this through the week.